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Christian Culture has undergone some of the most serious changes it has seen since the reformation. The easy choice is to go along to get along. But we are not called to that. Dietrich Bonhoffer called this Cheap Grace. Christ gave his life. Yes his very life to save ours. For us to bend to the pressures of the world is simply obscene.

What we cannot do, however, is use this gift to write off those that we disagree with and condemn them without giving them the opportunity to know the truth we have been allowed to see. Teaching, loving and extending this hand is a delicate thing. It can’t be done with an iron fist or a limp handshake. It takes the firm, believing voice of a loving person who knows who they are and won’t compromise on the important things but will allow the unimportant not to weigh them down.

This blog attempts to do that by bringing forward issues that arise in the world and giving the Christian view of these things. What does the Bible say? There will be opinion here, fun, laughter and tears. I have strong opinions and I hope that they are based in truth. Will I always be right? No. I want this blog to speak to those that find themselves on the outside looking in. Not just Christians but Non-Christians alike.

As the title says, Christians Don’t Bite. At least this one doesn’t. Welcome. Let’s learn and grow together.

*Disclaimer –
I didn’t start this blog to get into arguments with anyone. I will have discussions. so if your world view does not align with mine, not my problem. I will happily discuss that with you, but don’t expect me to have endless hours of discussions on say…why you don’t think God exists. You have a right to think that, but I don’t. So don’t expect many responses. There are plenty of blogs out there that support your world view. Go find them and have a happier day!

momroseJust a quick story on this rose. When mom died in November, there was a bloom on this rose, it continued to bloom through the winter. I’ve always taken that as a sign she was finally able to bloom as she always wanted to.

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