Slow Suicide: An autoimmune disease series-Introduction

Warning.  This is going to be a truthful examination of the affect of serious autoimmune disease on a person’s daily life.  Myself actually.  I am going to lay bare what its like to have your own body slowing try to kill you.  I am also going to examine what its like to be suffering and be in a family that has suffered from what the medical world considers “rare” disorders.  Though I will show glimpses of the good in my life and I have lots of things to be thankful for, this isn’t intended to be primarily an uplifting and positive series.  It will have those moments, but it is intended to be a raw and visceral representation of what its like to go through this.  So be warned, it could be triggering for some.

I also intend this to be a diary as my condition/conditions progresses.  I hope if you see this you will share it with other people you know that suffer from either my condition or ones like it.  Though this won’t be very cheery to the able bodied, it will be a comfort to those that sometimes find it hard to explain or express how they feel day to day.

Some people will find this overly dramatic.  Suicide, really?  Lots of people have autoimmune diseases and do just fine, you say.  Well there are levels of autoimmune diseases and some respond well to treatment and diet.  Others, do not.  But the definition of an autoimmune disease is your own body trying to kill itself.  So the title, in my opinion is appropriate.  I hope you get a chance to read this and it helps you understand what its like for those in your life that may suffer from this silent killer.

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